Maintenance Inspection Superintendent

Maintenance Inspection Superintendent

Superintendent Requirements:

— Education in maintenance method, mechanics, electricity, instrumentation, CAMM, inspection, certification;
— Professional experience : > 5 years of experience such as maintenance supervisor;
— Fluent in English;
— Adaptivity and ability to work in an international environment.


HSE related items:

— Ensure that TEPR HSE policy, frame of reference are adhered to;
— Assume the operational responsibilities as part of the work permit;
— Contribute to maintain integrity of plant to operate safely;
— Participate to the Emergency Response Team;

Team management and Maintenance field activities:

— Supervise the implementation of Maintenance programs in accordance with production operations;
— Supervise the maintenance personnel and manage the O&M Maintenance team;
— Optimize the activities of the Maintenance team according to priorities;
— Supervise and coordinate repairs, equipment replacements;
— Contribute to resolution of abnormal situations, assist Production team in solving equipment issues;
— Preserve, make reliable and adapt tools to operations conditions;
— Anticipate potential problems and predict degraded situations;
— Follow-up of construction / modification works on site and ensure that as-built documentation is made available;
— Evaluate personnel, contribute to improve skills and know-how;
— Train maintenance team members: on a day-to-day basis from a coaching approach, as well as defining a training plan.

Maintenance tools and approach:

— Review and Validate preventive and predictive maintenance programs;
— Prepare and Check maintenance procedures;
— Optimize the maintenance activities in liaison with technical support, make recommendations to improve the Maintenance and Inspection efficiency;
— Coordinate with technical support, the spare parts, the preparations of heavy maintenance operations;
— Participate in the technical and operational analysis, audits and inspections;
— Ensure the reliability and consistency of technical information;
— Analyse the functional parameters of the facilities, perform functional studies on systems;
— Lead the investigation further to an ESD;
— Make recommendations on site possible improvement;
— Coordinate with the relevant departments the facility or equipment modifications;
— Participate in reception of equipment on site after completion of works or modifications.

Reporting, planning and follow-up:

— Define tools and method to carry out a follow up of equipment;
— Ensure the implementation on site of tools required for the maintenance follow-up;
— Contribute to the implementation of the CMMS on site;
— Contribute to operational feedback on facilities to the Head Office;
— Contribute to the assessment of the O&M contract performance.


— Great possibilities to develor professional skills and to get career growth

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