Product Manager

Product Manager Вакансии ЗАО «БАСФ»

2.Product Manager

Job Specifications:
Reporting to: — Head of Marketing (Agro department)
Education: — Degree in agricultural science (preferably in seeds / plants protection / agronomy) or economics, but only with significant work experience in agricultural industry
Work experience: — of minimum 5 years in the related field as a Product / Business Development / Sales Manager
Language: — Fluent English
Computer Knowledge: — MS Office

Job Profile:
Incumbent will be responsible for:
Customer Management, e.g. in charge of the third party
European contracts for defined companies
Ensuring effective implementation of the products to meet specific clients’ requirements
New Product concepts and ideas
Designing Marketing Strategy, advertising, promo inputs such as visual aids, literatures
Strategy implementation within the region
Enhancing planning quality and consistency short-, mid- and long-term
Analysis of internal sales data and other primary research information for the assigned products & segments
Challenging the budget figures of the countries in order to make them match the target defined in the Crop
Coordination between the Sales & Customer Service for enabling sales
Provision of guidelines and support for the operational business
Competitor product, business offering and market practices analysis
All aspects regarding the organization of Crop Team Meeting (invitations/agenda, distribution of outputs from meetings, etc.), ensuring of minimum information flow within the organization

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